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1. Be Realistic. Be Disciplined.

Choosing consistency over intensity. Practicing once a week over a long period of time is better than five times a week over a short period of time. Being honest with the availability we have and why we want to practice and creating a realistic schedule that feels inspiring is essential.

2. Stay Curious

The body is directly connected to the ego so we can fall prey to judgment and expectations. This leads to a rigid body and mind. Choosing to practice with curiosity and keeping the beginners mind awake enhances self-awareness and lightness of being.

3. Listen

Yoga is in large part listening. Listen to your breath, your body, the chatter of your mind, the teachings, the silence…When we listen we relax and open to intuition. This leads to a release of tension and an increase of ease and stability.

4. Be Devotional

Although yoga keeps our body fit, yoga is not a fitness routine it is a spiritual and devotional practice. Practicing as an expression of devotion to health, happiness, love, possibilities, our God or…is where much of the magic of yoga resides.

5. Intention. Attention.

Our attention if one of our greatest superpowers as what receives the gift of our attention comes to life. Being intentional and recognizing the power of our attention as a source of Prāna, we practice with intention and attention.

6. Be You — Yoga asanas are for everybody but not every asana is for every body

Our body is unique. Our story is unique. We go through a variety of phases and our bodies change. We may have injuries, trauma, illness or…that require attention. Speaking with our health care provider and asking if there are movement that should be avoided is a sound approach. Being intuitive, curious and attentive will also help find our unique beneficial expression of the practice. As an internal practice the gifts of yoga are not found in the complexity of the asana they are found in our ability to choose asanas and expressions of asanas that make us strong, easeful, resilient, calm and vibrant.

7. The Trio — Read. Learn. Connect.

We need three things on the yogic path. We need a teacher, a community and we need to read. Leaving a yoga book out so that we can spend a few minutes reading a little something works well. Being part of a yoga community and learning from a teacher keeps us inspired.

8. Include the Whole

Yoga practice includes asanas, pranayama, meditation, journaling, devotion, healthy diet…Yoga is a way of life. There are periods when getting on the mat is challenging but that doesn’t mean we have to stop practicing as there is always something to practice — A mindful breath, a mantra before a meal, a morning prayer, inquiry based journaling… 9. Breathe

Our asana practice is a dance with the breath, a meditation/prayer in movement. Keeping the eyes steady and relaxed, feeling like we are just about to smile we make space for the breath of life.

10. Be Grateful

Acknowledging the beauty and gifts of the practice we express gratitude for having the desire, the discipline and the space to practice.

11. Repeat

Keep these tips on the forefront of your mind. The more we use them the more the meanings reveal themselves.

I would love to hear from you. Comments and questions are always welcomed.

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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Directing the Mind Towards What We Want to Attract Every month on the Full or New Moon I offer an inquiry based approach to meditation I call Inspired Active Meditation.

Natural Food Pantry — Priceless Offering On October 25th I offered an Inspired Active Meditation experience focused on energy. The practice was recorded.

Consistency Over Intensity — A Seven Step Process You can practice the full seven steps in one sit or practice one step a day or even one step a week.

You will need:

  1. A Journal and pen; and

  2. A comfortable seat for meditation.

Join us on a monthly basis — Click here to learn more

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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Are you a little confused about what to eat and what not to eat? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting information? Do you believe in the power of nutrition to enhance our overall well-being?

In this short talk I share some of my favourite tips to approach food with confidence and joy.

Shanti (peace) Mudra — A simple way to bless our food and eat with a peaceful mind

Another inspiring approach to food is to use the Shanti Mudra before eating or drinking.

Technique Step One: Place the tip of middle finger on top of the nail of the index finger Step Two: Touch your plate or mug and repeat Shanti three times

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