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Breathing and Energy — Reclaim Your Natural Breath by Removing the Obstructions on Your Breath

Just like taking care of our teeth is a combination of brushing and avoiding the things that rot them, reclaiming our natural breath is a combination of learning how to breathe and removing the obstructions on the breath; once we remove the obstructions, reclaiming our energy is a natural process.

art by Susan McEwen

This short presentation on the importance of removing the obstructions on the breath is a generalization as there are all sorts of reasons why we develop depleting patterns around the breath so please be patient with yourself.

I share a few examples of depleting breathing patterns but there are many more and varied degrees of each.

Know that when it comes to reclaiming our natural breath some benefit from one-on-one guidance.

When it comes to breathing, a regular Inspired Living Yoga practice combined with removing the obstructions on our breath is an effective approach to reclaiming our natural breath and energy.

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