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Inspired Nutrition

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Are you a little confused about what to eat and what not to eat? Do you feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting information? Do you believe in the power of nutrition to enhance our overall well-being?

In this short talk I share some of my favourite tips to approach food with confidence and joy.

Shanti (peace) Mudra — A simple way to bless our food and eat with a peaceful mind

Another inspiring approach to food is to use the Shanti Mudra before eating or drinking.

Technique Step One: Place the tip of middle finger on top of the nail of the index finger Step Two: Touch your plate or mug and repeat Shanti three times

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Hi Sylvie,

As always this was a great presentation on nutrition…I really enjoy the extra videos that you put together for us..much appreciated. I started awhile using the Shanti Mudra that you recommended and it really does help keep me focused and grateful for what I am eating. 🙏💕


Replying to

Thanks Kath! It‘s good to hear❤️🌟☀️

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