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July & August Class Schedule

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Sundays, July 5 to August 30

7:30-8:30 PM

These gentle, easeful flows are designed to release physical and mental tension naturally increasing inner peace and bliss.

Easeful Flow + Meditation


Mondays, July 6 to August 31

7:15-8:15 AM

These moderate flow classes are designed to strengthen, lengthen and energize every cell in the body. 

Rise and Shine

Prana. Tejas.

Tuesdays, July 7 to August 25

4:45-5:45 PM

We move a little slower, hold a little longer and ignite our radiance, stability and natural ease of being. 

Strong and Light

Ojas. Prana. 

Wednesdays, July 1 to August 26
7:15-8:15 AM

These moderate flow classes are designed to strengthen, lengthen and energize every cell in the body. 

Rise and Shine

Tejas. Prana.

Thursdays, July 2, to August 27

4:45-5:45 PM

Core strength and moving the hips in all directions, these classes feed our inner fire will grounding and stabilizing our energy.

Free Your Hips + Core

Tejas. Ojas. 

Fridays, July 3 to August 28

9:00-10:00 AM

These dynamic classes flow a little faster, generate heat, awaken the body and mind and ground our energy. 


Prana. Tejas. Ojas. 

Prana. Ojas. 

Hatha Flow

Saturdays, July 4 to August 29

8:00-9:00 AM

These moderate classes energize and awaken the body and mind to enhance strength and vitality. 


Class Preparation

What you will need

Yoga mat, one block, one strap and a meditation cushion. If you don't have these you can use books, scarfs...


I will not be playing music but I encourage you to set your space as you like. Mantras, incense...


These classes are offered to experienced practitioners. They are not for beginners. Modify and adapt as you need


All classes are offered through zoom. If you need guidance, reach out. I am here. 


Two packages to choose from: 

The Unlimited ( attend as many classes as you like between July 1 and August 31) 

$108.00  Incl. tax


The Weekly (attend any 9 classes between July 1 and August 31) 

$63.00 Incl. tax



e-Transfers to 111sylvieg@gmail.com also accepted.

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Waiver: By registering for these classes you agree to the terms and conditions. You are practicing at your own risk. 

The Happy Yogi Reimbursement Policy: Maybe your friend recommended the classes and my approach does not suit your approach...Regardless, if you're not happy with the classes let me know within the first 7 days of registration and I will send you a reimbursement. No hard feelings. 

I will send the welcome email that includes the password to access the page with the zoom links within a couple of hours of receiving your payment. 


See you on the Mat!

Aum Shanti


Sylvie Gouin - 111sylvieg@gmail.com - 613-402-1088

Ottawa, On, Canada


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