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January Schedule - Registration is Open!

January theme - Inspiration, the greatest prosperity 

Printable Schedule

Sundays, 4:45-5:45 PM

Free Your Hips + Core

Core strength and moving the hips in all directions, these moderate classes feed our inner fire while grounding and stabilizing our energy.

Ojas. Tejas.

Mondays, 7:00-8:00 AM

Rise and Shine

These moderate flow classes are designed to strengthen, lengthen and energize every cell in the body. 

Prana. Tejas.

Tuesdays, 5:00-6:00 PM


These dynamic classes flow a little faster, generate heat to awaken the body and mind and ground our energy. 

Prana. Tejas. Ojas.

Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 AM

Rise and Shine

These moderate classes are designed to strengthen, lengthen and energize every cell in the body. 

Prana. Tejas. 

Thursdays, 7:15-8:30 PM


40 minutes of gentle asana practice, 20 minutes of yoga Nidra (guided relaxation)
and 15 minutes of guided meditation and pranayama (breathing technique to calm a busy mind).


Fridays, 9:00-10:00 AM


These dynamic classes flow a little faster, generate heat, awaken the body and mind and ground our energy.

No Class January 1. You can join the speciality offering. 

Prana. Tejas. Ojas. 

Saturdays, 8:30-9:30 AM  

Hatha Flow

These moderate classes energize and awaken the body and mind to enhance strength and vitality. 

Prana. Ojas. 


Class Preparation

What you will need

Yoga mat, one block, one strap and a meditation cushion. If you don't have these you can use books, scarfs...


I will not be playing music but I encourage you to set your space as you like. Mantras, incense...


These classes are offered to experienced practitioners. They are not for beginners. Modify and adapt as you need


All classes are offered through zoom. If you need guidance, reach out. I am here. 

Inspired Living Monthly Memberships

Two packages to choose from: 

The Unlimited ( attend as many classes as you like from January 1 to 31) 

$47.95 incl.tax


The Weekly (attend any 4 classes from January 1 to 31) 

$34.95 incl. tax



e-Transfers to 111sylvieg@gmail.com also accepted.

In the comments please state that you agree to the terms and conditions 

Waiver: By registering for these classes you agree to the terms and conditions. You are practicing at your own risk. 

The Happy Yogi Reimbursement Policy: Maybe your friend recommended the classes and my approach does not suit your approach...Regardless, if you're not happy with the classes, let me know within the first 7 days of registration and I will send a reimbursement. No hard feelings. 

As soon as I receive your payment I will send the welcome email that includes the
password to access the zoom links. I am not always online so it may take a couple of
hours after your registration. 


I record all classes so you can practice on your own time

I am gradually building the video gallery with 20-30 minute practices

I am including the Day ONE practice in your January membership (value of 24.95)

Weekly inspirational emails

Traditional yoga for optimal benefits 

Full Moon Practices

Introduction to Prana, Tejas and Ojas
Introduction to the Gunas

See you on the Mat!

Aum Shanti



"I am fully converted to Zoom yoga with Sylvie! The audio and video quality have been excellent, and best of all, I have Sylvie and an awesome community of yogis practicing with me in my home on a regular basis. Also, online classes mean no commute to the studio, which means I can fit in more classes each week! And if I miss a class, I can always watch the video recording later - so convenient!"

Jennifer Wrightsell-Hughes

Virtual yoga with Inspired Living with Sylvie is uplifting and wonderful yoga classes were I get to experience the benefits of a well-rounded focused yoga routine at my own pace with a very knowledgeable teacher, all of this from the comfort of my home while still feeling a sense of yoga community. These sessions have helped deepen my own practice and my understanding of yoga philosophy. At the same time, they have helped me stay healthy in body, mind and spirit within the turbulent times we are living. I definitely recommend the Inspired Living virtual yoga! Thank you Sylvie!”


Mairilyn Yera

"I love these classes. Although we are practicing at a distance, we can practice as a community in real time. Sylvie is able to reach beyond the zoom platform and expertly guide us through a carefully planned series of asanas which are familiar yet varied and challenging while still accessible. This class makes it possible for me to attend live classes without worrying about rush hour traffic or parking. It is just wonderful and I am really grateful for the opportunity." 


Marita Moll

"Sylvie is an incredible teacher, and her online classes on Zoom have been life-changing! 
I am a professional violinist, and practicing yoga with Sylvie has helped me maintain my physical health and avoid injury. Sylvie offers varying asanas that allow for students of different levels to choose a pace and pose that best suits their needs. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is extraordinary, and she inspires us (her students) in many ways: through the yoga practice, addressing our emotional and physical well-being, through weekly inspirational writings and more. I highly recommend Sylvie’s classes on Zoom!"  

Yolanda Bruno​

" Sylvie's virtual classes are perfect for yoga practitioners who want to grow and maintain their individual yoga practice in a time of uncertainty, isolation and lockdowns. In particular, I have very much appreciated the variety of Sylvie's yoga offerings. On any one day, I never know what practice will best serve me. I love being able to choose the type of class I want to do at the time of day that best suits me. I feel inspired and connected with the group energy  - especially on those days when getting on the mat is a challenge. Knowing that Sylvie's classes are always available is a huge inspiration and comfort to me." 


Alison Tait

Sylvie Gouin  111sylvieg@gmail.com  613-402-1088

Ottawa, On, Canada


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