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Private Yoga Classes

For beginners and experiences students

Private yoga classes are an effective approach to increase the overall benefits of your yoga practice.

Private Asana Classes Purpose

1.  Better understand how to adapt yoga postures to feel good in your body;

2.  Learn how yoga can help you reduce sport injuries and tension; or

3. Learn how to develop the strength, balance and/or flexibility to practice different variations of yoga postures.  

From developing a regular meditation practice, to understanding the process of meditation, I can help you develop the joy of daily meditation. 

Our bodies are unique, our desires change — yoga meets us where we are. 

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Yoga Therapy

A holistic approach to health and happiness

As a spiritual practice, as a philosophy and as a lifestyle aimed at harmonizing our individual nature, yoga therapy provides a unique approach to health and happiness.  

Regardless of what we are experiencing, whether it's the demands of everyday living, an illness, work issues, change or... reducing our stress is at the heart of our well-being. And, according to yoga and Ayurveda the way stress manifests and the healing process from excessive stress varies according to our constitution. 

Someone who experiences stress as worry, nervousness and insomnia needs a different approach than someone who experiences stress as anger, impatience and inflammation or from someone who experiences it as depression, weight gain and lethargy. Once we clarify your starting point, finding the lifestyle approach to help you return to your centre of balance is much easier.


My role as a yoga therapist is to provide the tools for self-inquiry and to guide you to the ideal practices that will allow you to stop trying to manage your stress and instead learn how to manage your energy. When we have an abundance of well-managed energy, negative stress can't blossom. According to this approach to health, there is no one right way to experience this health and happiness state. It is rather a unique and lasting process that is rooted in self-inquiry and specific individual lifestyle choices.

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