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Inspired Living Courses and Certification Programs

In 2018 I joined Beyond Yoga Studio & Wellness Centre in Kanata as the director of teacher training. As a teacher of teachers, I have been offering yoga teacher training programs since 2007. About half the students who have attended my teacher training programs do so for personal development only and the other half also wants to teach. This ratio changes as time passes. The most important thing when joining yoga teacher training is an honest desire to dive into the practice for personal development as this is the only way to truly experience the beauty of the practice. With this, our inner teacher shines forth and we teach from a place of authenticity instead of trying to mimic our favourite teacher. 

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The Time is Now!

Join us!

We are dedicated to the ongoing development of yoga practitioners and teachers. Our in-depth program provides you with the knowledge and experience you need to:

  1. Deepen your practice for personal development: As a self-care and self-inquiry practice, yoga offers an abundance of techniques to better understand our unique path. Rooted in traditional yoga and designed for the contemporary practitioner, our program has been carefully prepared to guide you through a progression that will deepen your relationship with your strengths and inspirations while enhancing physical vitality and beyond; and

  2. Provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to share this practice with confidence: Whether you want to teach public classes or you want to include some aspects of yoga to your current offerings our programs will provide you with the knowledge you need to manifest your vision and beyond.

Yoga teacher training is an opportunity to enhance your life, therefore, the life of others. During this training, you will have ample practice time so that you can feel your body strengthen, lengthen, mobilize, stabilize and energize while learning to let go of mental holding patterns that limit your potential. Yoga is about self-awareness and from this platform we can teach others to do the same.

As a holistic approach that combines the harmonization of body, mind and emotions to finally experience the beauty of who we really are, yoga is available to all who are willing to invest the time and energy to go within. The more we integrate yoga, the more we know that life is not about finding our purpose, it is rather about living with purpose.

Your Investment: Time; Energy; Effort; Reflection; Sweat; Study; Willingness to learn and apply new techniques; Relaxation; and Learning to let go.

Your Return on Your Investment:

  • Time: When we spend time doing what we love, time expands to new possibilities;

  • Energy: What we put in, we get back multiplied;

  • Strength and Vitality: A better sense of who you are and what you can offer;

  • Lightness of Being and Natural Glow: A softening of the mental edge;

  • Connection: A better understanding of the connection between the body, mind, breath and emotions;

  • Increased patience, confidence, understanding and mental clarity;

  • An Inspiring Community; and

  • So much more

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Your YTT Weekends
Each weekend includes time for your practice as well as interactive lectures, workshops and group work. This Yoga Alliance-recognized program provides 180 contact hours and approximately 70 study hours.


200-hour Program Overview


Anatomy and Physiology


Yoga Philosophy and Psychology





Kriyas and Nutrition

Business of Yoga

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