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Inspired Living Courses and Certification Programs

200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is an opportunity to enhance
your life, therefore, the life of others. During this training, you will have ample practice time so that you can feel your body strengthen, lengthen, mobilize, stabilize and energize while learning to let go of mental holding patterns that limit your potential. Yoga is about self-awareness and from this platform we can teach others to do the same. 

Next Program Begins May 15 2020.
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300-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 

Offered as three 90-hour modules this program will provide the guidance and skills you need to deepen your knowledge and experience while providing you with the tools to enhance your teachings. 

Module 1: The Marriage of Yoga and Ayurveda

Module 2: The Kundalini in my Hatha

Module 3: Sharira Ananda/ Body Bliss Yoga

Must have completed a 200-hour program. Completion of this 300-hour certification leads to registration as a 500RYT with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. 

The program begins September 2021

Breathe. Smile. Believe.

Breathe Easy.png

Breathe Easy

Course Outline:
• Anatomy of the breath
• Posture awareness and techniques to improve our posture

• The importance of removing the obstructions on the breath
• Inquiry – Practices to identify starting points and holding patterns

• Effective and simple exercises that can be done sitting, standing and lying down to improve the quality of the breath
• The plays of oppositions found in the breath

• Visualization and language to improve the quality of the breath
• In addition, we will explore three variations of alternate nostril breathing


Class Structure:
Each class includes lecture and practice.
Certificate of completion provided.


Offered Through Zoom, As a Bonus, All Classes Are Recorded
You will have access to the recordings until February 28, 2021, providing you with the opportunity to review what you have learned, or have access to the classes you may have missed

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