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What's on the menu?

In his book, Vedantic Meditation Lighting the Flame of Awareness, David Frawley has a chapter titled - The consumer is the consumed - reminding us that we are consumed by what we should to consume. In Ayurveda, pratyahara which can be translated as — controlling what the senses consume — is a foundational practice.

In this short talk, I share thoughts about:

  1. The three types of food; and

  2. How our asana practice is an expression of pratyahara.

Thank you for listening!

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to comment, ask questions and...


I know this is not a blog. But the system does not allow me to change the title of the page and it's the only page on the website that has a scroll, so we have an Inspired Talking Blog :)

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