Inspired living Yoga

My approach to this beautiful practice

My Faith in Yoga is Rooted in Experience.

I have experienced the power of yoga as a practice that leads to physical health, mental clarity, emotional contentment, worldly prosperity and spiritual fulfilment. I was poor, emotionally and physically broken, lost and disconnected and through the practice of yoga I began experiencing a new life experience. 

Yoga is Vast

There is so much to yoga. So many practices and approaches that anyone interested in healing can find their fit if they are willing to explore. In my practice and teachings, I focus on Hatha yoga, Raja Yoga and Ayurveda and I am somewhat of a natural Bhakti Yogini which means devoted. 

My Commitment to You

Regardless of why you choose to practice yoga with me, my intention is the same, provide an asana practice that reduces tamas (inertia and heaviness), reduces rajas (nervousness and tension) and increases sattva (strength, energy, vitality, calm, inspiration, focus and so on). Because regardless of our starting point, regardless of our intention for practice the answer is always found in the sattva. Wether you practice the stretch and strengthen your body or for calm and energy, better digestion and sleep, more clarity and inspiration, a connection with something greater than the material world it is all found in the sattva. 

Sylvie Gouin  

Ottawa, On, Canada


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