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Inspired living Yoga

My approach to this beautiful practice


My Faith in Yoga is Rooted in Experience.

 I was emotionally, physically and financially broken and through the practice of yoga, my perspectives changed and gradually I experienced the power of yoga as a practice that leads to physical health, mental clarity, emotional contentment, worldly prosperity and spiritual fulfilment.

Yoga is Vast

There is so much to yoga; many practices and approaches that anyone interested in healing can find their fit if they are willing to explore. In my practice and teachings, I focus on Hatha yoga (body), Raja Yoga (mind)and Ayurveda (lifestyle) and I am a natural Bhakti (devotional) Yogini. 

My Commitment to You

Regardless of why you choose to practice yoga with me, my intention is the same, to provide practices that reduce tamas (inertia and heaviness), reduces rajas (nervousness and tension) and increases sattva (strength, energy, vitality, calm, inspiration, focus and so on). The more sattva we have the more energy and calm we have and the more energy and calm we have the more we focus on what makes us smile. That being said, sattva is not the goal of yoga, it's the tool of yoga; the more sattva we have the more willing we are to experience our innate wisdom and strengths.
Inspired Living Yoga Shows the Way!

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