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Whether you are interested in yoga for physical health, mental clarity, emotional contentment, worldly prosperity and/or spiritual fulfilment, my classes, workshops, private yoga therapy consultations and training's provide the guidance you need to reap the benefits of your efforts.  

Inspired Living
The etymology of the word inspired means "to breathe" and so inspired living is about breathing life into our life. It's about staying awake, and moving towards our aspirations. The way I see it, inspiration is not a goal and it's not a birthright, it's a responsibility. Through our daily choices, we can breathe life into what makes us smile and live a vibrant and inspired life. 

The Journey

Through the teachings and practices of yoga, I have risen above my fair share of challenges. I know from personal experience the practice works. All we need is a teacher, the teachings and the discipline to move towards our aspirations. Over the past 20 + years I have had the opportunity to share these techniques with numerous students from all walks of life and yoga always has something to offer.


The Gifts are in the Practice
Do you want to increase strength and flexibility? Do you want to have better sleep, improved mental clarity and focus? Do you want to have more patience, energy and inspiration? Do you want to be better acquainted with your strengths and passions? Inspired Living Yoga Shows the Way!