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Do you want more energy, inspiration & calm? You are at the right place. 


My offerings include: 

  • Virtual Inspired Living Yoga StudioI offer six weekly practices + 3 monthly bonus speciality classes.

  • Yoga Therapy: My focus is helping women who worry too much reduce the habit to regain peace of mind and confidence; 

  • Yoga Teacher Training: Offered through Beyond Yoga in Kanata;

  • Mentoring for Yoga Teachers: Designed on an individual basis; and

  • Workshops: I offer a variety of workshops throughout the year. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter. 


The more energy and inspiration we have, the more we have to give!

Inspired Living Shows the Way!

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Daily inspired practices and an abundance of on-demand options. 

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Embody & Share
the Practice 


200- hour hatha yoga teacher training begins May 13, 2023

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Turning Worries into Inspirations


Join this self-paced five-step ritual and feel your worries melt away!