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Hi, I am Sylvie, welcome to my website!

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Good Intentions

You know life is sweeter with an abundance of energy, health, clarity, gratitude, prosperity and fulfilment but it's easy to get caught up, deplete your energy and increase worry and stress. 


Energy, Calm & Inspiration

My inspired Living yoga practices, insightful workshops, awakening certification programs, mentoring and yoga therapy sessions provide the guidance you need to create habits and rituals that energize, calm and inspire. 

The Time is Now!

Join the Inspired Living studio, or attend one of my workshops or certification programs or work with me privately and say yes to increased strength and flexibility, sound sleep, focus, patience, calm, energy and inspiration and most of all, say yes to you and staying acquainted with your intuition, innate wisdom, strengths and passions.


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The more energy and inspiration we have, the more we have to give; and the more we shine, the more we give others permission to do the same!

Inspired Living Shows the Way!

The Studio

Live Stream &

Daily inspired practices and an abundance of on-demand options. 

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Teacher Training

Embody & Share the Practice 

200- hour hatha yoga teacher training begins May 14, 2022

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Healed. Energized. Calm.

Contact me to discuss your goals and let's see if my approach meets your vision.

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