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As of June 2019 - Books are Sold Online Through Lulu

Why Lulu?

The company offers an easy to use platform and they  pay authors a fair price. And, most importantly  those who have bought the book tell me they  were happy with their shopping experience. 

Inspired Living A Guided Yoga Journal

Designed to inspire the powerful practice of journaling as a tool for self-observation and inspired living; I wrote this book in 2011 under the tutelate of the masterful Georg Feuerstein.

Here is what Georg had to say:

"Sylvie Gouin has written a truly inspiring book.
I am particularly pleased that she has made use of yoga's stash of methods, which have so much to offer. Her advice on journaling is wise and helpful."
Georg Feuerstein Ph.D. author of Encyclopedia of Yoga and Trantra and 50 other books and online courses

Click here to read the foreword
by Charlotte Beaudoin Ph.D.

Bite-Sized Yoga for Daily Inspiration

The title says it all...Bite-sized yoga designed to inspire your day. If you're new to the wisdom of yoga it will plant the seeds. And, if you're experienced, it will water the seeds. Written in 2019, this easy to read book offers snippets of yoga wisdom as well as stories and thoughts to expand the mind and open the heart. 

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