You are unique 
You are one of a kind! Constitution, cycles of nature, karma, perceptions, experiences, astrology…You are unique! 
It’s easy in this world of ours to be overwhelmed by the abundance of choice. Whether we are talking about choosing a career, entering or leaving a relationship, yoga practice, food choices, and so on; choices are abundant and what works for one may not for another.
Self-knowledge and awareness beyond social conditioning are essential.  

In short, an Ayurvedic Astrology consultation is a powerful technique that shines a light on what makes you unique and on the techniques/tools that are unique to you so that you can continue to move towards the full expression of your journey with clarity. 



A consultation can help you with: 


  • Love life;

  • Improve motivation;

  • Move beyond limiting patterns even if they seem external; 

  • Experience positive and uplifting transitional life periods;

  • Find the perfect fitness program for you and/or weight management;

  • Healing/Forgiving;

  • Enhancing Prosperity ;

  • Get to know yourself and what you really want;

  • Choosing a mantra, gem, essential oil, asana sequence;

  • Various work issues;

  • Making choices;

  • Developing a consistent and focused spiritual practice;

  • Increase confidence;

  • Release stress and tension and experience more ease and clarity;

  • Direction and the stamina to keep-up; 

  • Rise and awaken to you and your life;

  • Let go of negative addictions; and

  • More.


What to expect:
You will have a private session (Live, Skype, Facetime or phone) providing you with a detailed exploration of what makes you unique by looking at cycles of nature, constitution, passions, karmas, and dharmas. You will learn about a variety of individualized, meaningful, practical and realistic tools to enhance your life and potential.  In addition to receiving a detailed report of your chart, you will receive specific guidance that includes your perfect: 



Essential oil;

Herb; and 

A specific technique to achieve a specific goal. 


Ensuring integration and results, this process provides you with the guidance you need to make your efforts work for you.


Follow these easy steps to get started: 

Step 1: Prepay for your consultation (although the actual consultation is 1 hour, the work on my end will have already begun in the preparation of your chart and for this reason the fee is always paid upfront)   $225 + tax for a look at the four basic human desires (work, relationships, wealth and spirituality).- you can send an online transfer to - or contact me to pay with credit or PayPal. 

Step 2: Fill out this form and in the message box include: Date, time and location of birth as well as a goal you are working towards. Also please include best times for the consultation. I.e daytime, evenings, weekends.









Step 3: Live, skype or phone consultation where we review your chart and individualized recommendations.





   Step 1: pay for the service with an online transfer or use the paypal option above.
   Step 2: Send me an email with the persons name
.  Step 3: I will email you a PDF Gift certificate for easy in home printing


Sylvie Gouin,, 613-402-1088, Ottawa, Canada

I look forward to working with you.






Thank you. I will be in touch shortly to set up a time with you. Kindly Sylvie