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Strong. Focused. Inspired.

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Healed. Energized. Relaxed. 

A Marma Visualization

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The Mystical Doors of Perception

Moving through the Marma points (the mystical doors of perception) and using the power of attention and intention to remove tension and replace it with the feelings of being Healed, Energized and Relaxed this practice is perfect to calm and energize a tired and wired mind and body. 

What Are Marma Points?

As the junction point of consciousness and matter, physically, Marma points are located where muscle, vein, bone, ligament and joint meet. There are 107 Marma points in the body and one in the mind. The stimulation of Marma points is done through massage and through visualization/meditation.  Stimulation brings Prana and enhances the body to produce hormones and neurochemicals as needed. Marma therapy is used for physical, mental and spiritual healing. Practices that disturb the flow of Prana to the Marma points include a poor diet, lack of fresh air, poor sleep, stress, unnatural lighting, poor respiration and so forth. When the Marma points are Pranafied we feed habits that keep them Pranafied. Depletion breeds depletion and energy breeds energy. 


Speed of the Visualization

You may find it a little fast, that's because the intention is to keep moving. Once you know the script you can practice without my guidance and follow your own breath. 


Beginners and experienced meditators benefit from this practice. If you're a beginner you most likely struggle with concentration and attention which makes the constant mental movement of this practice more accessible. If you're experienced you can take advantage of your concentration and attention and refine your relationship with the
Almighty Prana. 


When you have the time; mid-morning or mid-afternoon.
Right before you reach for the sugary treat or that second or third caffeinated drink is a good time. 


Sitting in a chair or lying down; as you choose. You can practice right here, right now exactly the way things are. 


For me, it helps reduce nervous energy and enhances *sattvic energy. It impacts how I move for the rest of day. It reminds me that I can work with intention (energizing) or I can work hard (depleting). The more aware I am of how I move through the day (it's not just what we do it's how we do it that matters) the more energy and ease I have. And, this visualization helps feed an approach to life I like living. Plus, I am a believer in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits associated with this practice but you don't have to be to receive centering benefits.


*If you want to know what sattva is, click here, scroll down and find the video titled introduction to the gunas.


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Aum Shanti

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