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Surya Namaskar C
Surya (Sun) Namaskar (Salutation like namaste)
The Magnificent. The Almighty. The Beautiful. The Graceful. The Powerful.


Physically the intelligence in the movements strengthens, lengthens and tones the body while increasing circulation. They may help increase energy, vitality and digestion. They are believed to positively stimulate the endocrine and nervous system while lubricating the joints and releasing overall tension. With practice, Sun Salutations becomes a dance with the breath, a moving meditation/prayer that calms the mind and opens the heart. 


Inner and Outer Sun
Energetically we are saluting the external and the internal Sun. Yoga is about connecting with the world of nature and having a sense of respect and gratitude for this magnificent external Solar energy is expressed in these salutations. In fact, in traditional yoga, there are specific mantras associated with each movement. The practice is also about saluting our inner Sun and this is based on the belief that "as within so without and as without so within"; we are a manifestation of the world of nature and vice versa. Just as the Sun has the magnetic pull to keep the planets in its orbit (stability), just as the Sun is a great big ball on fire (transformation/digestion/action ) and an immense source of light (light) we also have within us the ability to be a source of stability and light. As for our inner fire, it can be dormant (feel depleted), fragmented (we’re in and out), too strong (burnout/injury) or balanced and the process of yoga harmonizes our inner fire leading to a *sattvic state. Sun salutations are a symbol of that. When we are in a sattvic state instead of a depleted and/or stressed state we feel grounded, confident and connected to what makes us feel alive and awake and Sun Salutations feed that balanced inner fire. They reduce stagnation and nervousness and create a more harmonized energy. But to benefit we have to practice in accordance with our starting point. 

More to This

Of course, there is more to this. We could spend a full weekend on the subject. If you attend my classes you will receive continuous guidance and inspiration.


In the video when I am practicing Sun Salutation C and I am bringing the left leg to a lunge I say bring the foot beside the right thumb it's beside the left thumb. 



 It's true that there are some people for who standing Sun Salutation are not suitable. If that’s you, seek out a chair
yoga teacher (I have recommendations). If you have injuries or health issues speak with your health care
professional before practicing. 

*Sattvic: For a better understanding of what sattva is, click here, scroll down and find the video titled introduction to the gunas. 

Want Inspiration? 

I offer daily practices and record all classes so you can practice on your own time. 

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