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Winter Solstice

December 19, 2017


From the viewpoint of traditional yoga and its sister practice Vedic astrology, the December 21st 2017 winter solstice is about enhancing self-knowledge in the context of how we use our time. It is a great opportunity to acknowledge our potential and honour our values while choosing to create habits that strengthen both.


The following Winter Solstice ritual has the potential to bring clarity: 

  1. Light a candle;

  2. Burn incense or your favourite essential oil; 

  3. Sit in silence for a moment - 3 to 7 minutes;

  4. If you have a mantra for the preparation of meditation chant or repeat it. If not, use a language that you relate to and salute your inner teacher/the quality of discernment;

  5. Bring your awareness to your navel and imagine that behind the navel is a Sun. As you inhale fuel your fire and as you exhale expand your light -  3 to 7 minutes;

  6. Open the eyes and using a journal answer the following questions: 1. What are my strengths? 2. What are my values? 3. How can I create habits that brings them both to life?;

  7. Write 7 things for which you are grateful for;

  8. Close by sending out positive thoughts or prayers. You could use "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om" or another mantra or affirmation that speaks to you; and

  9. Use a snuffer or a lid to extinguish the candle.

    Happy Solstice! 










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