2017: To Freedom!

December 31, 2016



 A birds eye view of my interpretation of the symbolism for this years transition. 


2+0+1+7= 10  1+0= 1

January = 1

Day 1 = 1

Sunday is the first day of the week = 1

Each day of the week is associated with a planet - each planet has a number - the planet associated with Sunday is the Sun - the number for the Sun is 1 = 1


Energetically beginning the year on a Sunday with this type of numerology is auspicious. For example if we were to compare our introspective journey to the climbing of stairs; this year the stairs will become escalators, we will not stop climbing (effort is still required) but we will be supported and that backpack full of self-imposed limitations we carry, well it will become lighter and we will experience more moments (even if they are only micro moments) where we actually stop climbing, put the backpack down and smile. This does not mean that we will stop actively moving forward but our level of attachment will begin/continue melting away reminding us that freedom from self-imposed limitations is our true nature. 


That being said there are some planetary transitions occurring that will enhance karmic debts. Getting deeply acquainted with our thoughts and our words and what we choose to emphasize is very important. Being honest about our intentions and developing/nurturing a "we" mentality over a "me" mentality will reduce anxiety and enhance mental clarity. 

To support the transition try this:


1. Write down 11 things you are grateful for in 2016;

2. Is there an apology you want to offer? If so do it now energetically and live when you can (if you read my blog on the December full moon you may have already done this in which case you can apply this to yourself);  

3. Is there someone you want to forgive - If so say it out loud three time (if you read my blog on the December full moon you may have already done this in which case you can apply this to yourself)) ; and

4. What qualities do you want to enhance/focus on in 2017? How will you do it?


To a happy and free year! 



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