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May our thoughts, words and actions contribute to our collective healing. 

Inspired Introspection Satsang

When it comes to physical distancing we are all beginners. But when it comes to solitude, introspection, simplicity and living a quiet life I have been living this way for years and have learned a lot. And, yoga has a lot to offer in terms of directing, managing and containing our energy so that we can choose rituals that support our collective healing. 


I have prepared a 4-week journaling, meditation and discussion program to feed inspired introspection and I am looking for 8 to 11 people to join me on this journey. This small group will allow us to learn from each other so that we can manage our energy and sustain our sattva. 

More than ever we need our collective wisdom to rise and support each other. 


Each class includes discussion, meditation and journaling. 

Dates: Wednesday, March 25 to April 15

Time: 6:45-8:00 PM

Fee: If you're still working or receiving income the fee is $88.14 with tax. If you're not working you can join us at no cost. 



Sold Out. 

Stay posted for more offerings.


Classes are offered through zoom.