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Grounded. Passionate. Light. 

Inspired - 29 days, 45 minutes a day

The word inspired means "to breathe". In yoga and Ayurveda, the breath carries a sacred energy we know as prana and prana is attached to the mind hence the belief that what we focus on, grows. To me, inspiration is about CHOOSING to see the purpose and value in what I am living so rather than look for inspiration in some illusory socially conditioned ideal I make the choice to breathe life into my life. And, when I am inspired I feel more grounded, awake and lighter on my feet. The practices of yoga and Ayurveda help me stay connected with what inspires me. That being said, feeling inspired also requires reflection. My freedom is not your freedom and vice versa. Although we can develop the eye to see the beauty in what has become ordinary I believe we highly benefit from including practices, habits and so forth that individually inspire us.  


In my experience, staying inspired requires these four steps: 

1. Gratitude for what is;

2. Clarification of what inspires us;

3. The ability to take action and include what inspires us in our day-to-day; and 

4. Developing the habit of living with inspiration with ease rather than tension. Often when we want something we tense up until we have it. It's the belief that working, training or studying  hard leads to success. With yoga we learn to work, train or study with intention and that's inspiring. 

Inside Out - From Overwhelmed to Inspired

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the combination of moving towards our aspirations, rising above obstacles, supporting our loved ones and then we take on the responsibility of the darkness that surrounds us (environment, hunger, housing...)and we deplete our energy and lose our inspiration. We find ourselves going through the motion, hoping for things to end i.e can't wait for the end of the workday or waiting for the kids to go to bed, or feeling stuck in traffic little by little we keep wishing our day/life away. With the teachings of yoga, we learn to create shifts from the inside out. This means less time spent feeling overwhelmed and more time spent feeling inspired. This way, not only do we see more of the beauty in what we have but we reduce how much time we spend filling our minds with what's wrong with our life or the world and we focus on what we can do to enhance it and that's inspiring. 

Inspired - Beyond A Vision Board

I have prepared a 29-day virtual yoga program that includes journaling, meditation, asana and pranayama to:


  • ​Enhance our inner stability (feel grounded and grateful)

  • Feed our inner fire (feel awake and energized)

  • Expand our light (feel open to possibilities and connected to our innate wisdom)

What's included:

  • 5 virtual classes offered through zoom. All classes are recorded so you can join us live or listen at your own convenience. Classes include discussion, journaling questions and meditation;

  • Access to three 45 minute audio asana classes (listen and practice when you want). One class is designed to increase Prana (overall energy) another to enhance Tejas (inner passion/fire) and the third is to build Ojas (the feeling of being grounded with who we are and filled with positive energy);

  • Review emails; 

  • Guidance to integrate the practices;

  • Satsang: The inspiration of a community;

  • Access to a password-protected web page with links to audio classes. Access will be available until March 30th, 2020 so if you miss a day or if you want to review practices all links will be available; and

  • A beautiful ten-page handout. ( Some of you may already have it or have aspects of it. It includes details on the doshas, the essence of the doshas and the gunas). 

Agni and Ama

When our Agni is high our Ama is low. When our Ama is high our Agni is low. Agni is inner fire. Ama is inner gunk. When Agni is high we feel inspired, awake and energized. When Ama is high we feel tired, bloated and overwhelmed. Yoga as a whole increases Agni but it's also important to reduce habits that feed Ama. For this reason, you will be invited to omit alcohol, gossip and poor sleep hygiene as they are great feeders of Ama. 

Dates and Time

Saturdays, February 1st to the 29th 8:15-9:00 AM

Your Investment​

To benefit from the program you will need to include the recommended practices which will vary between asana, meditation, pranayama and journaling. Daily time commitment is 45 minutes. 


Must have yoga experience. The audio asana classes are designed for those who know what they can and can not practice. 

Registration is closed. Thank you for your interest. Stay posted for the next virtual offering.

Refund Policy

Refunds available until February 7th, 2020. As of February 8th, no refunds for any reasons. 

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Let's take the darkness of February and use it as an opportunity to go inwards and feed our inspiration. 

" Dare to be free. Dare to go as far as your thoughts lead and dare to carry that out in your life. "  Swami Vivekanada