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Inspired Living Yoga
Spring Skake-UP!


As a season of renewal, many of us love spring for its beauty and symbolism, but it's not uncommon to feel sluggish, bloated and/or a little scattered at this time of year. As lifestyle approaches that teach us to work with the cycles of nature, yoga and Ayurveda offer practices and rituals for an energized spring and I would love to share them with you.

Join the Inspired Living Yoga Studio and take advantage of the Spring Shake-UP Sale 
Our Inspired Living Yoga Spring Shake-UP practices include

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Tis the season for Sun salutations, energizing backbends and integrative twists sequenced in a magical and effective way. Variations and modifications allow each of us to find our fit so that we can strengthen, lengthen, tone, release tension and simply feel good in our bodies. 




Energizing and Grounding


So many breathing little time...Knowing what to practice when brings lasting results.

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Mantras & Affirmations


Power of the Word


Combining mantras and affirmations with movement and breath is the fertilizer of manifestation.




The beauty of imagination


Using the powerful faculty of imagination in our favour, we develop the skill to embody what makes us smile.

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Inspired Living Yoga Studio Schedule
Eight weeks of livestream and on-demand unlimited access for $108
Same varied schedule but with the added bonus of the spring shake-UP tips, sequencing and weekly inspirational emails.
Inspired Living Yoga Spring Shake-UP! Which practices are best for you?
Do you want a little fire this spring?
Join my Rise & Shine or my Vinyasa practices. 
Do you want some grounded energy?
Join my Hatha flow or my Strong & Light Practices.

Do you want to unwind and release tension?
Join my Bliss practice.

Do you want to add a bounce to your step?
Join my Hips & Core practice.
Over the course of the months of April & May, I will share Yoga and Ayurvedic tips,
practices and inspirations for a positively energized spring.
Spring Shake-UP Sale
Make yourself a priority. Join us once a week or more, remembering that consistency is better than intensity.
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Inspired Living Yoga
Strong. Flexible. Centred. Calm. Energized. 
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