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Yoga Therapy (Live or Virtual)

"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.” International Association of Yoga Therapists Educational Standards for the Training of Yoga Therapists.


Benefits of Yoga Therapy

With Yoga Therapy I can help you reduce, heal or manage mild to moderate anxiety, depression,  pain, and fatigue. I can also assist you with inflammation, digestion, and weight loss or gain. I work with people who have limited mobility, those who are new to yoga, athletes, and with experienced yoga students and teachers. It's not about your illness or imbalance, it's about your health and potential.


My Approach

My approach to yoga therapy is to apply yoga and Ayurveda practices to bring balance back to the body and mind by reducing tension and increasing vitality. We all have the potential to move beyond limitations and increase energy, happiness, and vitality. The results are simply manifested in unique ways based on our constitution and overall starting point. 


Your first appointment: 

We identify your dosha (constitution- visit my resource page and find out more about doshas) and your starting point. Then we provide the necessary practices (they could include specific yoga posture sequences, meditations, breathing techniques, nutrition, journaling, aromatherapy or lifestyle practices - it depends on your starting point and goals)  to harmonize your body and mind. 


Fee: $110 - (75-90 Minutes)





Reiki helps our natural ability to regenerate and heal and is used both for prevention and restoration. Working on the body, mind, and emotions it removes unconscious blocks and is used for well-being or as an adjunct for more serious issues.  


What to expect: Lying fully clothed on a massage table a series hands-on position that covers the whole body promotes
deep relaxation. The treatment is one hour.

Fee: $80 (60 Minutes)


 To learn about Reiki courses click here.


Yoga Teachers

Are you looking for clarification, guidance or support? Contact me and we can talk about whether I can be of service to your teaching and practice journey. 

Fee: $80 (60 Minutes)



Prices do NOT include tax.



Don't wait until you have the time or energy to take care of yourself; 
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Member of the Academy of Naturopath and Naturotherapist of Canada.