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Inspired Yoga Therapy 
Energized. Calm. Inspired. 



To benefit from yoga therapy you need two things:

1) A yoga therapist to provide the knowledge to know what, when and how to incorporate specific practices; and 

2) The discipline/inspiration for practice. 


I work with people who have limited mobility, those who are new to yoga, athletes, and experienced yoga students and teachers.



1) We identify your starting point and goal;

2) I provide the recommended practices; they could include specific asana sequences, meditations, breathing techniques, nutrition, journaling, aromatherapy or lifestyle practices;

3)  We review and practice to ensure integration and understanding of the practices; and

4) Once this has been established, we determine how often you will incorporate the practices and when to continue with the yoga therapy sessions. 

The recommendations are always realistic in terms of time management and they are gradually integrated for optimal results.

How many sessions will be required? 

It depends on your starting point and goal. Some come twice and then practice on their own.  Others come weekly and some come every two or three weeks for 6 to 24 weeks.


With yoga therapy, we gain greater self-knowledge and develop habits/routines/rituals to move towards our aspirations. Tired, worried and stressed is not our natural state. We have the potential to feel energized, calm and inspired. 


Contact me today!

Fee: $110- (60 Minutes)





Member of the Academy of Naturopath and Naturotherapist of Canada.

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Don't wait until you have the time and energy to take care of yourself; take care of yourself and feel your time and energy expand to new possibilities!


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