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Bright Side of Darkness: 7 tips to stay inspired during the Fall/Winter transition.

Yoga/Ayurveda believes in “as within so without and as without so within”. Therefore, one of the ways we better understand our inner and true self and needs is by looking at the cycles of nature.

For example, Fall is always changing; It's windy, cold, warm, dry, wet and now with the change of time and early darkness it leaves some of us (depends on our constitution) feeling scattered and heavy. We go to bed tired but we toss and turn and have more weird dreams and we wake up feeling heavy and lethargic. Your digestion and overall mood may also be affected; With the mind focusing on worries rather than possibilities.

If you can relate to this, the application of the following 7 tips (if applied, reading them will not lead to success:)) balance our internal Fall energy and brings the stability and ease we’re seeking.

1. Routine Go to bed at the same time and rise at the same time. Eat regular meals and prepare your week; Know your exercise days, your play dates (yes I did write play dates and I am sticking with it:) we need more play in our life) , your study hours or/and…

2. Soups and Tea

Avoid heavy meals and cold foods and instead eat more homemade soups and stews. This helps with digestion and energy. Explore herbal teas to stay warm and energized. Good fall tea's include ginger, green, lemon and tulsi tea.

3. Dance The darkness (which has its positive side) can become heavy. Dancing brings lightness to darkness.

4. Come to Yoga Class ​ Community brings energy and motivation.

5. Nadi Shodhanam (Alternate nostril breathing)

It helps balance our mental and physical energy.

6. Reduce intense cardio and focus on strength training Strength training is grounding and stabilizing which helps to balance our scattered energy.

7. Relax Collapsing and relaxing are two different things. Knowing this and developing the art of relaxation is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself!

Although beneficial, this is all very general. If you want to develop practices that are ideal for YOU, contact me for a private yoga therapy consultation.

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