Stay Energized with Yoga Off the Mat

3 Approaches

The science of yoga clearly explains that we have the option of keeping our fears and wishes (1) at the forefront of our mind by continuously thinking and talking about them which fuels the feeling of powerlessness. We also have the option of being connected with our wants and needs (2), so that they rule our day. This approach is highly celebrated in our culture. It is the go-getter attitude that is not limited by the fearful mind. Although it’s more beneficial to have our wants and needs at the forefront of the mind than it is to have our fears, wishes, and worries we soon realize that we will never have enough of what we don’t need and find ourselves feeling full, maybe even stuffed but not satisfied (kind of like a Chinese buffet), and so we keep seeking more and we eventually deplete. And, we have the option of being so interconnected with our values(3) that they become the underlying energy that supports our choices which brings the feelings of stability and easefulness to the surface of the mind. Providing more clarity, creativity, curiosity and less worry and resentment, this approach does not attach itself to an illusory positive attitude that denies the negative but it rather acknowledges both the challenges and the possibilities within the experiences we encounter. And, it's explained that being led by our values rather than our wants and/or fears, naturally fuels our courage which means we bring more of what we value in our daily life and therefore, feel energized.

There are many ways to move forward with having our values lead our day and they include:

  1. Writing down our fears, wants and values so that we clearly know the difference.

  2. Asking ourselves, who will be the CEO of my mind today? My fears and wishes? My wants and needs? Or my values?

  3. Acknowledging when the fearful or needy mind has taken over and asking for guidance in rising above it.

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Sylvie Gouin

Ottawa, On, Canada


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