My Flip the Cat Meditation

My Early Days

When I was in my early 20's I went through a phase where I took my practice very seriously. Not only would I would get up around 4:00AM and practice asana, breathing techniques and meditation until about 6:00 or 6:30 but I would do so with intensity and attachment to how the process should unravel.

Flipped the Cat

One morning I was completing a one-hour meditation with a focus on compassion when my cat decided to jump on my hair. Calmly, I reached back, *flipped the cat and for a bout a second, before I realized what had just happened, I tried to casually go back to my point of focus :).

Turning Point

This experience was a turning point for me. It made me realize that I needed to soften my edge. It’s clearly explained in the traditional teachings of yoga that in order to succeed on our path we need effort which means we need to move beyond the heaviness and the excuses but we equally need to let go of attachments and therefore, expectations.

Daily Meditation

I know from personal experience that it’s a challenge to include daily meditation in our routine. With children, work and so on it can seem like something else on the to-do list. Plus, the chatter of the mind worries about being bored or not doing it right or…which creates barriers. But, I also know from personal experience that when we find the balance between the effort of moving beyond the limitations of the mind without taking ourselves so seriously that we flip the cat we begin to experience the gifts of meditation that move far beyond any expectations or attachments.

Begin, Continue or Start Over

If you’re new or need guidance with meditation, contact me. Let me help you begin your journey. If you have stopped your practice, don’t wallow, start again. In this context, you are not unique; We all go through phases and need to be reminded that it’s never to late to start or start again.

Keeping it Light!


*Animal lovers don’t worry, the cat was not injured. I really am a lover and my cat was loved to the end!

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