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The Mother: A little yoga philosophy to put things in context

The concept and integration of what the Mother energy represents is an important and yet vast aspect found in the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda. In short, we can say that the Mother represents the power of creation. She is the sustaining energy of life and manifestations as a whole. Thankfully we don’t need to fully grasp this or even be a mother to experience its beauty. In fact, regardless of whether we have children or not and regardless of our gender, the mother energy lives within and connecting with her begins by valuing compassion, understanding and courage. The more we connect with the mother energy as the power of manifestation and love the more we see it unfolding within and around us which gives it even more energy.

The Perfect Gift If we step out of the pressure of the holiday and what we’re suppose to do and instead focus on what we want to do to support the mother energy our natural and creative expression comes to life. It becomes clear that giving a gift to a mother as a celebration of the mother energy is easy; It simply needs to be heartfelt and honest.


Yoga provides opportunities for self-introspection and in the same manner it invites us to pay attention to the people we share our life with. If you celebrate mothers day by offering a gift to your mother, gift her what she values by paying attention to her unique mothering expression.

From Depletion to Energy

There are so many holidays that we can get lost in the doing of it which is depleting. On the other hand, if instead of having to celebrate mother's day we choose to celebrate it (or not) for what it means to us, we ignite and fuel our values and that is naturally energizing.

Celebration Ideas

Celebrating the mother energy includes connecting with (mother)nature. To do so, we can jump in the river, lake or ocean and swim while being aware of the feeling of water on our skin. We can hike or run the trails while paying attention to the nature that surrounds us. We can garden or simply sit, look and listen to the nature around us.


As mentionned the mother energy represents manifestation which means taking time to reflect about the things we have manifested in our life and expressing gratitude for having the energy to create them is a good place to start.


Sit tall, smile and listen.


Create something; A new dish, a flower arrengement or pull out your art supplies and explore.


The mother energy is very powerful and when out of balance it becomes rigid. Without play and lightness of being, always ensuring everyone and everything is taken care of is depleting. With play and lightness the nurturing energy radiates. So play! We are not an afterthought. When we the mother are energized, it lights up the sky like a bright full moon!

Perspectives are numerous. Choose one that inspires you.

To Possibilities!


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