Depletion Breeds Depletion: A Holistic Approach to Increasing Energy

When we’re depleted, we lose touch with the feelings of possibility and purpose and get deeply acquainted with the feelings associated with negative stress. Whether we experience our depletion as resentment, loss of creativity, worry, anger or any other demanding feeling, depletion breeds depletion. For example, if I am depleted and book a massage and the therapist is late (and I am unable to stay later) I will either get angry and lash out, or I will accept the loss of time on my end and complain about it later as I express how things never work in my favour. If I am energized I will express my disappointment and/or cancel the massage but I will not allow myself to feel like a victim of the situation. When stress leads our day we become reactive and create more stress. If we don’t take action and stop this loop, we develop more stress which creates inflammation, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, sugar addictions and all sorts of other unnecessary issues. A Five-Step Approach to Rising Above Depletion:

1: Desire: We have to want to experience energy and vitality. We have to want to rise above limiting habits and thought patterns that fuel negative behaviors;

2: Decision: We have to decide to make a change. Making the decision will require the desire and the realization that the current thoughts telling us it’s not possible to change or that the situation is out of our control are simply created by a tired and depleted mind;

3: Knowledge: You will need the knowledge to apply the best practices to enhance your body and mind. For example, some people need to nourish their body and mind and others need to cleanse. Some need silence and nature, others need to go dancing;

4: Action: Having the desire is just the beginning. We need to go out of our way and take action or nothing will change; and

5: Inspiration: We need the right guidance to make it all happen. If we could do it on our own we would not bet depleted. Teachers, mentors and coaches help us develop rituals to stay inspired so that we don’t loop back to draining patterns.

I encourage you to take stock of your days and weeks. How is your energy? Do you talk about ideas and possibilities, complaints and worries, desires out of your control or…? How do you sleep, digest and feel when you wake up in the morning? If you want more positive energy, don’t wish for it, make it happen.

Visit my mentoring page, it may be the perfect offering for you. If it’s not, keep looking, there is a teacher and an approach that’s right for you.

To Possibilities!


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