The Incomparable One


As the queen of herbs within Ayurevda, Tulsi (holy basil), is known as the incomparable mother medicine of nature. Bitter and hot it is used as a rejuvenating tonic to promote overall health. As a potent adaptogen with the ability to penetrate deep within the tissues, Tulsi is also widely used to calm and centre the mind.

Natural Medicine

One of Tulsi's gifts is its high phenolic compounds and anti-oxidant properties that assist the body in protecting itself from toxin induced damage. Plus, studies have shown that Tulsi increases the body's level of the powerful antioxidant glutathione, and enhances the activity of the enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase which also protect the body against free radicals.


Tulsi is also beneficial for fostering beauty which includes its ability to improve skin and hair luster, increase stamina, enhance emotional calm and strenghten our voice while activating the mind's inner ability to see beauty. This is important because in Ayurveda beauty is considered an essential part of health and of course we are talking about natural beauty not vanity. Think of the ocean, the mountains, a flower, a smiling baby or animals caring for their young; all of these things are beautiful and none of them are rooted in self-indulgent ego. That same abundant beauty that resides within the world of nature resides in each one of us. Tulsi helps us see and share our beauty while seeing the natural and abundant beauty around us which is one of the reasons why Tulsi is also known for its powerful ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

The List Goes On

The list of benefits associated with Tulsi is very long. For example, in addition to the above it is used to relieve asthma, boost our immune system, prevent heart disease, prevent kidney stones, relieve headaches, improve digestion and dental health and much more.

The Journey of Life

Filled with ups and downs, beauty and challenges, moments that fly by and moments that last forever, life is quite the journey. For most of us having the eyes, the mind and the heart to take it all in requires a little effort and Tulsi tea is just one of those simple and yet powerful natural tools that nourish our ability to energetically and positively move forward.

Of course, don't take my word for it...Sit and sip instead!

Where to buy: Most health food stores - In Ottawa I buy it at Market Organic on the Market

Brand: I use Organic Traditions

How to Make: I boil 3 teaspoons of Tulsi for 1 cup of tea and let it steap for another 5 minutes.

To Possibilities!


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