No More Excuses (Part 2of 3)

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A three-pronged approach to experiencing our potential and moving beyond limitations.

# 2 Satsang

You Are What You Eat . . . and Who You Hang Out With

Just as we become what we consume regarding food, we also become the experiences we consume–and that includes who we spend our time with.

If we spend our valuable time with people who have a problem for every solution, who gossip, complain, worry, and negatively compete and compare, we fill our mind with this type of thinking and express our life through the lens of limited potential and envy. On the other hand, by developing friendships that focus on possibility, curiosity, love, compassion, vision, creativity, and solutions, we naturally and mutually strengthen our unique gifts.

In the world of yoga, a community that gathers for the experience of truth is referred to as satsang. A community that gathers for greed, limitations, jealousy, and so forth is called kusang. In simple terms, we can say that satsang is good company and kusang is bad company. Swami Sivananda, one of the world’s most recognized masters of yoga, has been quoted as saying, “If you find yourself surrounded by kusang, do not walk away, run!” This may seem dramatic or even heartless, depending on the situation, but if our energy is drained and our mind is overflowing with resentment or limiting beliefs, we lose touch with our potential and become deeply acquainted with our limitations–and this becomes what we share with our world.

There are many ways to create an uplifting community that honours our individuality, sense of purpose, and spirituality.

Back to Self-Awareness

We first begin by identifying our current starting point. This means paying attention to what we talk about when we are with “our people,” our closest friends. Journalling the following questions brings clarity about the satsang we want: What does positive and uplifting dialogue and interaction look like? Who inspires me? What are my favourite topics of discussion? What makes me feel alive, and do I have this in my life? If not, how can I create it or bring more of it into my life?


Yes, creating satsang takes reflection, effort, and commitment, but accepting kusang reduces our energy and vitality and fuels our negative mind.

We’re in This Together!

We must also remember that developing the awareness of satsang and kusang is not about judging or belittling others. Awakening the energy of compassion and choosing not to participate in gossip is a great place to start. Sometimes the best thing to do is spend a few minutes thinking with our heart and feeling with our brain, as it enhances our perspectives and keeps us humble.

Creating Your Community

There are many ways to create an uplifting community. Attending classes on a subject that inspires us, working on a project that we deem valuable, or joining a volunteer group we care about are some. Being part of a group that meditates, prays, or studies awakening philosophies and finding ways to bring satsang to our daily life through our conversations and activities with family and friends are more good examples.

In closing, develop a plan of action, but be patient and remember that every moment matters and that we all have the potential to bring a little light to a dark moment. Sometimes it is our turn to share the light, and sometimes we realize we were the ones who needed to receive it.

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To possibilities!


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