No More Excuses (Part 1 of 3)

If you have set a positive intention to manage your stress, improve your health, or develop a yoga practice, if you have committed to creating meaningful work and relationships only to find yourself sulking in more guilt and stress, then STOP! Stop and take a deep breath. There IS a solution as to why you keep missing your mark, and it isn’t ‘one size that fits all.’ This solution is unique to you.

In the yoga and holistic world, the following three approaches, though ancient, are as relevant today as they were then. This three-pronged approach, when explored with curiosity and applied with commitment and consistency, is your formula for success in any endeavour. This blog explores the first prong.

#1 Self-Awareness

From a young age, we’re given a name and taught a variety of things about ourselves and the world we live in. Based on this information, we identify with a particular path. The problem is that most of us don’t know who we are, independent of the titles and traits or characteristics we’ve been given, which may mean that the choices we’ve been making have supported some other person’s concept of “reality,” THEIR deeply engrained fears or desires, and not our own. What if the messages you’ve received or things you’ve been told weren’t your truth, or maybe you simply outgrew them?

Perhaps the things you were taught never did sit well, and you’re starting to challenge those long-held beliefs. For example, you’re a pretty disciplined person but can’t seem to stick to a nutritional plan. Have you ever considered that might be because it’s not the best plan for you? Have you considered that maybe your struggle with meditation is not that you’re “too scattered” or that “you can’t focus” but that you haven’t found the right method for you?

When Things are GOOD

Or maybe you “have it all”: you are fit and healthy, have enough food in the fridge and money in the bank, you’re surrounded by friends and family who support you and yet. . . you still feel stressed, or that something is missing. Intellectually you know you have everything a person could want—and more—but spiritually, or deep within . . . it’s still not enough? Have you considered that the problem is not a lack of gratitude or humility, but instead a missing link, a disconnect, on your chosen path?

When Times are Tough

Or maybe life just feels hard: you’re facing a big challenge, like illness or divorce; you’re going through something, like grief or unsatisfying employment. You’re a good person and you’ve done everything “right”—so why can’t you stay afloat? Why are you always burning out or struggling to develop a meaningful vision?

Getting to know who YOU are at your core is the foundation for clarity and therefore, direction. The science, art, and wisdom of yoga provide the tools to unveil your unique strengths and vision. Practices such as yoga asanas, meditation, journalling, breathing techniques, nutritional choices, aromatherapy, and more become even more powerful when individually adapted. The satisfaction of finding your path, your truth, your centre is unparalleled.

If you can see yourself here, work with me. I want to help you make this connection, find your optimal plan, establish a discipline that will guide you to your truth! Let’s move forward!

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To Possibilities!


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