2018: Fueling the Feeling of Possibilities!

For many of us the new year is a time of reflection that brings the feeling of possibilities to light. This is a good thing as the feeling of possibilities improves our posture, it enhances curiosity and brings stability and ease to the mind. But, we must recognize that the only reason it's awakening this feeling is because we have chosen to believe that January 1st is a good time to reflect and renew. Yoga teaches us that our strengths reside in choosing to keep this feeling alive on a daily basis.

The following 5 practices/lifestyle choices help us awaken and fuel the feeling of possibilities today and beyond:

#1 Choosing to Fuel the Feeling of Possibilities

To start, we bring the memory of a time/situation when we experienced the feeling of possibilities. Examples include rising above a challenge, accomplishing something or... By recalling the memory we naturally trigger the feeling of possibilities. Once the feeling arises we sit with the feeling and try to hold on to it without the image of the memory. When we lose the feeling we recall the memory. With practice we will no longer need the memory. Once the feeling is awakened we make the decison to keep it alive and strong by imposing it on the moment. This is what we mechanically do when we worry.

#2 The Gift of Our Attention

Acknowledging that our attention is our greatest superpower and choosing to give it to what we value rather than what we fear and/or desire opens our mind to perceive possibilities rather than limitations.

#3 Satsang over Kusang

Satsang is good company and kusang is bad company. Satsang is about spending time with people who inspire happiness and possibilities and kusang is about spending time with people who inspire limitations and gossip. Taking stock of who we spend the majority of our time with and making new friends if necessary is not selfish because as we grow, we inspire others to grow. Not by telling them how to do it, but by example. This is not about judgment. In fact, if we think we are focusing on possibilities by belittling others we have lost touch with the true feeling of possibilities. Satsang is about creating environments that enhance individual strengths. Knowing that comparison is the thief of happiness the group energy enhances unique and collective gifts.

#4 Journaling

Journaling is about clarity. It allows us to get acquainted with how we think and that is very powerful. My book Inspired Living a Guided Yoga Journal is being redesigned and I will be adding audio's for enhanced guidance. The whole package will be available in February. For now and in the context of possibilities we can start reflecting on what types of possibilities we would benefit from in 2018. For example we can choose to fuel the possibility to forgive, to have meaningful work, to heal, to grow, to experience happiness, to awaken and/or experience the deeper dimensions of yoga...It could be the awakening of the feeling that it is possible to be a catalyst for change and/or healing of the planet. It could be about the possibility to be a source of positive energy for those who need it most...The choice is ours to make. And, once we believe it's possible to ignite our vision, we start creating opportunities for manifestation.

#5 Breathing

When the breath is short, shallow and fragmented our thoughts are short, shallow and fragmented. Unlocking the diaphragm and taking in the prana when we breathe brings more energized and yet calm and focused thoughts which leads to enhanced perception. If you have not yet learned to breathe deeply, I highly encourage you to work privately with a teacher. I know you will be amazed!

To Possibilities!


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