The following four points are powerful tools of observation to enhance transitions.


The word vinyasa can be translated as “to place in a special way” it is an honouring and recognition of the process of life; A reminder that the journey is the goal. For example, in an asana class vinyasa reminds us that the process of moving from one asana to another is an asana, a place of consciousness and awareness where we bring the feelings of stability and ease to the movements. This on the mat experience reminds us to bring intention to the transitions of life off the mat. It's a powerful tool to remember that it’s not where we are going but how we get there that matters most.


Choosing and committing to a sankalpa (intention) that supports our daily interactions is important because without it we lose touch with our primary motivation and get lost in the to-do list. Aligning our daily activities with our sankalpa brings direction, focus and awakens the feeling of purposeful living. In this context, sankalpa is not about the superficial goal, it is rather about how we move towards the goal. For example, let’s say our intention is to get fit and healthy, the supporting sankalpa is the state of mind with which we chose to move towards that aspiration. Happiness, gratitude, non-violence and contentment are all examples of this type of sankalpa. Therefore, if I choose happiness as my sankalpa I awaken the feeling of happiness right here, right now, exactly the way things are. This way happiness becomes the foundation upon which I develop the habits that fuel a healthy and fit body.


If we want to know what our shraddha (faith) is, we look at what we do on a daily basis because every day we are breathing life into what we have faith in. This means we can have faith in gossip, worry, fear, wants and needs or we can have faith in beauty, love and possibilities. Our chosen daily habits determine our shraddha.


Developing a sadhana (daily spiritual practice - routine/habits) is not only beneficial for our individual purpose, but it becomes a source of energy for everyone we share our life with. This daily spiritual practice can be as simple as mindfully lighting incense as an offering and playing uplifting music upon rising. It can be a salutation to the Sun, a commitment to daily asana and/or meditation as a celebration of life. It can be a prayer, a blessing of food, a daily moment where we acknowledge and accept the beauty and power of the unknown, the known, the tangible, the finite and everything in between. In short, sadhana is an offering of the gift of our attention to what we value rather than what we fear, want or need.

May the process of moving from 2017 to 2018 be a powerful source of inspiration!


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