Grounded and Light

5 holistic practices to remain grounded and light during the holiday season.

  1. Silence: Make space for moments of silence and acknowledge the silence - 5 minutes here and there counts.

  2. Nourish: When at home, eat healthy and energizing foods.Vegetable soups are an excellent idea.

  3. Movement: Don’t let the busyness of the holidays create stagnation. Dance, take the stairs and get on your mat - Yes, 15 minutes makes a difference.

  4. Breathe: Stabilize the legs, relax the upper body and take conscious full breaths. This can be integrated anytime and anywhere.

  5. Listen: I have read studies that claim we listen at a 25% capacity. Having moments when we aim a little higher is an energizing gift that brings the feelings of stability and ease to the surface.

Happy Holidays!

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