Yoga. Resilience. Health.

Part of the benefits of balancing yoga postures is that we learn to get back up not if but when we fall. As a symbolism for the uncertainty of life balancing postures teach us to identify the fall without identifying as the fall which builds resilience, a quality we're encouraged to cultivate.

From this perspective, there are many ways to nourish our resilience. Examples include practicing yoga asanas, self discovery, making decisions, following through, taking care of our self and one of the most beneficial and recommended life practices to build resilience is satsang (good company) i.e cultivating authentic connections with inspiring and uplifting people.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a minor biking accident. Minor in the sense that nothing is broken and no concussion, but an accident nonetheless. A reminder that cement and cars are stronger than I am. To bounce back, I took time off from teaching and most importantly I accepted support from my satsang. Both Natalie Cameron, Myofascial Energetics Therapist and Monique Manaigre, Registered Acupuncturist were there for me right away; Generously offering their expertise. Combined with yoga nidra, gentle and specific asanas I was back to myself in no time.

As a balanced approach to life, yoga is rooted in the belief that satsang is essential for our growth, healing and resilience. It turns out that many modern-day studies agree; having supportive relationships that foster our strengths, bring love and role models, builds our resilience.

We may at times feel alone or that our circle of good company is dispersed and caught up in the busyness of life but it's important to send a text, get out with friends, come for a yoga class or...and connect.

We must accept that asking for help and saying yes please when someone offers is an important component of building resilience and therefore, balanced health.

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