Inspired Living Daily Rituals

Six simple daily practices that bring lasting energy.

ONE: Read

Everyday read a little something that inspires you. It can be one paragraph or more. But it's something that makes you smile and connect with yourself beyond your to do list.

TWO: Hydrate

This is easily forgotten and yet so beneficial. Starting the day with a glass or even two of water is one of the simplest and yet most efficient ways to stay hydrated and therefore, energized.


Digestion begins in the mouth. There are no teeth in the belly. Digesting takes a lot of energy. If the body needs to do extra work digesting food because it has not been chewed we waste valuable energy and weaken the whole digestive process which impacts our health as a whole.

FOUR: Stay connected with nature

We don't need to be at the cottage (although very nice) to stay connected with nature. It is all around us at all times. See the sky and trees when driving somewhere. Notice temperature and light change's over the course of the day. Take in the fresh air regardless of the weather.

FIVE: Breathe

It's not because we are breathing that we are taking in the fullness of the energy available in the breath. Learning to give space to the breath rather than ignore or control it brings a sense of energized calmness that stabilizes a busy and overactive mind.

SIX: Move

Our body was designed for movement. Think of a body of water that gets no movement. Then imagine yourself throwing your garbage (junk food) in that body of water. Now imagine a body of water that gets movement and nourishment.

Our body is the same. Stagnation and junk food lead to depletion.Movement and nourishment lead to vitality.

Dance. Bike. Walk. Run.Yoga. All good.

Yoga is especially good!

I have created a PDF form as a reminder. Feel free to print. Click here.

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