What flavour is your "kool aid"?

There's a new documentary on Netflix titled: What the health. The documentary brings about information that promotes an animal free diet and claims that eating meat is unhealthy. I watched the documentary and thought yes, that makes sense. But I drink the no meat "kool aid". I have had a vegetarian diet for almost 30 years and my 23 year old daughter has never eaten meat. I heartedly believe in this way of eating.

On social media I see people feeling quite differently about the documentary. They take offence to the claims and believe it's unscientific propaganda. When I read their comments I understand where they're coming from as I feel the same way when I watch or read something that claims veganism is unhealthy. I quickly discredit it as the meat industry trying to claim their piece of the new age health movement.

I am sharing this because one of the aspects of yoga is about getting acquainted with the flavour of our "kool aid" i.e knowing what beliefs we have and how attached we are to them.

Having the privilege to choose what we will ingest means we have abundance and with abundance comes responsibility.

There is so much conflicting information when it comes to what we should and should not eat and this confusion combined with busy schedules and easy access to empty calories foods can create discouragement. If you feel that way the following points may bring clarity. I know they help me stay connected to my values and that in itself is energizing.

1. Knowing our values and aligning our food choices with our values;

2. Eating mostly food and avoiding foodless food - food is an ingredient, foodless food has ingredients. This means we reduce the amount of processed foods we eat or even how much it has been processed. For example, choosing steel cut oats versus packaged and flavoured quick oats; and

3. Chewing and expressing gratitude for what we have.

This may seem simple but I believe that eating well and feeling nourished and energized by what we eat is simple.

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