Summer Solstice

I love the energy and symbolism of summer solstice.

As I often mention, yoga is rooted in the world of nature. As yogis we explore the external and internal world of nature to deepen our connection with our self.

When looking at the world of nature we also look at the solar system and compare it to our own nature. This is a complex and in depth process but in short when it comes to the Sun we acknowledge that it's a great big ball on fire and see this as a representation of our passion and ability to take in experiences, digest, transform and eventually become them. As the main source of light for this planet the Sun is a reminder of our potential to be a source of light and with the magnetic pull to keep all of the planets in its orbit the Sun inspires us to remain grounded with who we are.

It's always good to salute the internal and external Sun but it becomes extra special on summer solstice. So June 21st do take the time to unroll your mat and connect.

Friday June 23rd is the new Moon and the representation of this New Moon is flexibility, curiosity and playfulness. So close to summer solstice it is a very auspicious time to intelligently move beyond limitations and create positive habits that fuel the experience of contentment and happiness.

If you are not joining us for the celebration at La Grange ( which I think you should:)) do take the time to meditate, journal and connect with nature. I know you will be happy you did.

Happy International Yoga Day!

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