Yoga and Reiki the Connection

What we call prana in the world of yoga we call reiki in the world of reiki. Prana and Reiki are words that describe the energy that surrounds us.

Both practices offer techniques to bring this energy in, contain it, direct it towards what we value and generously share it. With practice we master this experience but as anyone who practices yoga knows the process itself is meaningful and the same is true with reiki.

Prana/reiki is always around us and the source of what brings life to our everyday life.

Some days we feel vibrant and alive and others we feel down and heavy. What has changed is the amount of prana/reiki we are containing and directing. The more we practice yoga and reiki the more we can use this energy in our favour.

With reiki you can receive a reiki treatment from a practitioner or you can become a reiki practitioner. It is, just like yoga, available to all.

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