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Feeling Stuck? Let yoga light the way forward.

11 practices rooted in the wisdom of yoga that help us move forward while remaining grounded and clear.

  1. Our most powerful tool is our attention as the moment we give our attention to something we give it value and at any give moment we are choosing (consciously or mechanically) what we are giving our attention to - Could be solutions and possibilities or complaints and limitations, the choice is ours to make;

  2. First we acknowledge that our mind can be our best friend or it can be our worst enemy and then we recognize that worrying/complaining is meditating on what we don’t want to happen so we make the choice to get clear and move towards what we actually want to experience remembering that this will require effort as the thought process is highly habitual;

  3. We stop focusing on where we are going and instead focus on how we want to get there. For example, I was speaking with a frantic law student who was having panic attacks and was unable to sleep due to the demands of the program. I asked her if she thought it would be easier to finally be a lawyer. She said no, it’s probably going to be pretty demanding so she understood that she needs to develop stress management skills now, not when school is over;

  4. We remember that the cycles of nature means that life brings ups and downs and we accept that we have a unique karma so we stop comparing which releases jealousy and envy and instead makes space for our unique expression;

  5. Getting fresh air, connecting with nature and breathing deeply brings mental expansion and fuels our outlook on life so we get out there and breathe;

  6. Journaling our thoughts and developing an intimate relationship with how we think and what we actually want from ourselves leads to clarity and direction so we give this practice time and value;

  7. We know that we have friends who will help us complain and friends who will inspire a movement forward. So we decide which friend we want to be and which friend we want to call;

  8. Noticing that our thoughts become words and that our words form our habits and our habits determines our character and that this all creates our destiny we empower ourselves through mindfulness;

  9. Lightening-up a little we dance, play and laugh knowing that this can change our perspective which is essential when we feel stuck.

  10. We get on our yoga mat, our cushion and we practice. Even better to take the time to go to a live class and be with people as community creates positive energy; and

  11. Knowing that it's never to late to start or to start again we begin the process and then we repeat the process.

Applying even one of these practices has the power to lift us up and create a ripple effect. The more we practice one method, the more the others naturally manifest. When applied daily they fuel our mental, emotional and physical stability and flexibility which means when the winds of change come our way we have more potential to go with the flow without being uprooted or snapping in half. And, these practices are much more than tools to get us unstuck, they actually have the power to lead to the direct experience of our innate happiness, not as a result of something we do, but as an experience - Right here. Right now. Exactly the way things are.

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