Mothers Day and the Divine Feminine

The Mother = The Divine Feminine which = powerful sustaining, harmonizing, nurturing and compassionate energy.

Whether we are talking about Mother Earth, our individual mother, a surrogate, the representation of motherhood and its devotion to whom it is mothering or of the Divine Feminine energy that resides within us, there is no denying its power is unshakable.

Lets' celebrate this beautiful energy in whatever way it manifests within and around us by welcoming its strength, value and courage to truly love.

Tips to connect with your Divine Feminine:

  • Walk bare feet and feel the earth under your feet;

  • Lay on the grass, look up, feel, smell, listen and connect;

  • Get on your yoga mat and move intuitively. Feel the beauty of your body;

  • Take a bath with some divine essential oils;

  • Dance; and

  • Connect with those who inspire you to inspire yourself.

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