Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day Celebration!

The science of yoga teaches that in order to better understand our nature we need to better understand nature itself and vice versa. To demonstrate this there is a popular saying that goes: “as within so without and as without so within”.

Ways that we explore this interconnectedness with nature are:

1. Reflecting on the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space and noticing how they impact our life. I will be writing an article on this subject soon but for now just think of the many ways you use elemental terms to define aspects of your life. Examples include - I am burned out, I feel scattered, she is so grounded and so on. From this observation we create a lifestyle to honours all five elements. In short it looks something like this. We know that there is no flexibility without stability which means if we want to take a risk in life we need to first feel stable, grounded and anchored with who we are. Like water, we know that the only constant is change and so we make space for natural ebbs and flow of life. As for fire, well fire is the consumption of something and the transformation of that something and this way we acknowledge that we consume, digest and become what we look at, eat, talk about, listen to and so forth and so we choose wisely. As for the air, we know we can't just inhale life so we learn to give and receive in balance and the space is the representation of the unknown and of the space required to manifest knowing that what matters is the journey, not the goal;

2. We honour the cycles of nature and acknowledge how our dietary, exercise and sleep needs change with the seasons; and

3. We explore balance in the world of nature. For example when it comes to the Sun we notice that it’s a great big ball on fire. Talk about transformation and the potential to stay passionate. Plus, the Sun lights up the whole planet and it has the magnetic pull to keep all the planets in its alignment. When the Sun is too hot and when it’s missing we feel depleted but when it’s in perfect balance we feel energized and uplifted. Well, the same is true of our inner Sun. When the passion is to strong and uncontrolled it creates chaos and when its weak it limits our possibilities. But, when in balance, it fuels that feeling of being awake, grounded and self-motivated.

Summer Solstice is an opportunity to connect and celebrate this beautiful world of ours while breathing life into our unique potential. And June 21st is also, International Yoga Day - The perfect day to express gratitude for the power and gifts of yoga.

So for the love of Yoga and Nature, come celebrate with us Friday June 23rd 7:00-9:00PM at La Grange in Wakefield. Send me an email to register. You can pay with online transfers, paypal, cash or check. Visit the home page to register. Save 15% if you register by June 11th.

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