Strong Women

One of the most beneficial experiences I have encountered in my life is the ripple effect of women who allow their individual strengths to lead the way. As a teacher and consultant I have met a lot of people over the years and at a young age I noticed how strong women are inviting, generous, uplifting, motivating and honest. They are never arrogant or demeaning. This observation released expectations and allowed me to be me without the need to compare and that continues to be a source of great energy.

Recently, after our yoga class, I was sharing with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau that I was on my way to teach yoga in an office. She felt inspired by their dedication and offered to write a letter. Such a generous gesture. Out of respect for her privacy I was not discussing my relationship with her but she, a strong bright light focused on the inspiration that arises out of community.

Helen Klaman, the organizer of these classes is another strong woman. Organizing the classes is not part of her job, she does not get paid or even expect to get the classes for free. She does it because she believes in the benefits of yoga and wants to make it accessible. A perfect example of Yoga off the mat!

To honour strong women in yoga, Sweat Equity a Canadian Yoga Magazine is featuring strong yoga women in their magazine ( July issue) and yes I am one of them. For this, I say thank you to another strong woman in my life. Eryn Kirkwood, your ability to poke, provoke and uplift are noticed and appreciated. I will share the article when it comes out. They ( Sweat Equity) are also offering a in Toronto that you may want to check out.

I have learned that Identifying how we define strength and then connecting with strong women provides clarity and stability. The way I see it, strength resides in courage, generosity, the ability to take a risk and get back up if/when things fall apart, dedication, respect, gratitude and simply being ourselves.

To Strength!

To read Sophie's letter click here for the review on Linkedln or here for a pdf view.

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