A holistic approach to anger (in a nutshell)

From this perspective and I am simplifying there are three things we can do with anger:

  1. We can turn anger against other people through gossip or live verbal or physical abuse, we can continuously talk about the problem that is creating anger and clearly express why we are right and they are wrong without ever really discussing a solution - If we choose we can behave like a self-entitled tornado;

  2. We can turn anger against ourselves either by repressing our anger or through negative self talk or actions that lead to resentment, tension and fear; or

  3. We can turn our anger into inspiration by accepting that anger is a valid emotion that can be a powerful rather than destructive energy. By welcoming the energy of anger we can direct it towards the goal/solution rather than the problem. Then we start breathing life into what we believe in rather than focusing on what we fear. For those of you who are weirded out, angry or fearful by what is happening in the world, I am with you - so let’s focus on the antidote by fuelling inclusivity through our daily actions, by caring for the environment through our daily actions and by giving the gift of our attention to those who inspire us through their actions.

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