Preparing for 2017

The reason I practice Ayurvedic Astrology is because of my love of yoga as yoga is the sister practice to Ayurveda and to Astrology which means to understand the depths of one we benefit from connecting with the entire family.

Astrology is a complex system that requires in depth dedication to be truly understood which is why many of us view the superficial aspect of astrology as entertainment. But just as yoga is far more than a tool to stretch our hamstrings, astrology can too provide us with in depth knowledge of what makes us unique so that we can move forward with confidence and clarity.

As a devoted student of the teachings of the brilliant David Frawley I allowed myself to have faith in this method, knowing that such a brilliant man would not waste time on entertainment, and experienced a whole new world of which I love sharing.

As we enter 2017 I invite you to contact me for your Ayurvedic Astrology Consultation. Begin the year with clarity and move towards what matters most to you.

For more information visit my Ayurvedic Astrology page.

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