A little inspiration: Back in the wheel at 62

A few weeks ago after a 40ish year sabbatical from practicing the wheel (not from practicing yoga- Sue-Anne has been practicing yoga regularly for quite some time) Sue-Anne decided to give it a try!

Why bring it back now? This is what Sue-Anne had to say:

"Sometimes someone hears something just at the right time... certainly my inspiration is Jeff Hall, the 58 year old Canadian professional dancer who is now performing again after a debilitating 25 foot fall during a dance performance about 20 years ago that left him a paraplegic. He taught himself to dance again with no feeling in most of his lower body from the waist down. He is a remarkable man and dancer.

So I thought " if Jeff can dance again professionally ( which he is currently doing) then I can do the wheel!" And so now I can do it. It's a small victory for me and a little personal tribute to Jeff every time I get the opportunity to do it...

All of it is wrapped up with a huge ribbon of gratitude for the opportunity I have to practice, a body that still functions and a teacher who encourages us along our path and importantly for Jeff Hall's courageous sharing of his perilous journey of healing back to wholeness.

It's all an amazing adventure really!"

Yoga...It may not be about the physical but staying strong and flexible as we age sure feels good. Honour your starting point and move forward from there. To an inspired journey!

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