The Power of Transitions!

Let’s not wait for January 1st to set a boring and unimaginative resolution such as losing 10 pounds or start to exercise…Instead lets use the energy of the Dec 13th/14 full moon and further connect with our intuition which naturally enhances our ability to find our balance through inspiration rather than socially conditioned guilt - Remembering to see the value of the full cycle of nature which includes beginnings, middles and ends and the space in between reminds us to make the most of transitions by ackowledging that it's not just about where we are going but it's how we get there that matters. Tips to end 2016 and transition to 2017 with clarity include:

Tuesday Dec 13th start off by writing what you are grateful for in 2016 (it expands the mind), then write how you see yourself ending this year. For example: Is there an apology you would like to offer? Is there someone you want to forgive? Is there a new pattern or habit you want to include in your life? Imagine loosing 10 pounds of resentment before entering 2017.

Wednesday Dec 14th - Create a realistic plan to set your intention in motion now.

Sometimes our greatest strengths are found in endings or in the little spaces in between!

To Clarity!

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