Do you suffer from seriousitosys?

Seriousitosys (Taking oneself too seriously) Symptoms includes: Continuous frowning, shoulders attached to the ears, inability to laugh, highly attached to one’s opinion and a belief that being upset or speaking loudly equals being right.

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s intense out there - we’re destroying the environment, abusing the animal kingdom, destroying each other. I mean we live on a planet where human trafficking is a thing (WTF), many of the worlds countries are run by moys (entitled and greedy boys trapped in men’s bodies) and on top of that we have our day-to-day to manage, - so know that I am not asking anyone to deny any of this and start living in lalaland - But we must recognize that complaining, worrying and gossiping is fertilizer for our problems.

In this world of ours, our attention is our greatest super power, what we give our attention to, we fertilize. If we continuously give our attention away to mundane entertainment, fear mongering and to what we don’t want to happen seriousitosys manifests. When we actively give our attention to solutions, possibilities and potential we lighten up and our perspective expands. Again this is not a denying of the hardship, it is an action oriented way of approaching the world we live in.

Without denying the blind spots, we can’t just look at what is ordinary or wrong with the world, ourselves, our job and so on, we must also look at what is right and develop the eyes to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. We do after all live on rock that is spinning around a great big ball of fire in a vast galaxy that has no beginning and no end - Nature is continuously changing and blossoming like our bodies which our continuously breaking down and rebuilding. And, we are surrounded by people doing and living inspiring lives, let's remember to see it.

Everyday things we can do to heal seriousitosys include:

  • Giving our attention to organizations that support our highest aspirations;

  • Focusing on solutions;

  • Meditating and journaling – getting to know ourselves beyond the labels we have invented;

  • Knowing that every time we spend a dollar we vote and voting for what we value by reducing mindless consumerism that fuels greed and destruction;

  • Keeping our body strong and flexible - there is something about physical containment that fuels a positive mind – start where you are, not where you think you should be and grow from there;

  • Getting a mini rebounder and dancing – it’s hard to be grumpy and entitled after that;

  • Acknowledging the power of forgiveness and generosity; and

  • Continuing this list our way.

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