Super MOON Monday

Super Moon Monday Nov. 14th 2016

As within so without as without so within; with this mind we look outwards to the world of nature to understand our inner world and through the exploration of our inner world we see our unity with nature. In short the Sun is a representation of our sense of Self and the Moon is a representation of the higher mind (lower mind is connected and lead by the senses - higher mind is connected with the heart and lead by discernment - in short we aspire for our senses to be the employee of our higher rather than the CEO for our journey). As a symbol of our potential for mental clarity a full moon is always an opportunity to reflect, a Super Moon Monday becomes a rare and highly auspicious moment. Hope you can join me for yoga - I am teaching 9:30AM (EMY Carling) and at 7:15PM ( EMY Westboro).

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