7 Tips to keep our shine ON this winter.

1. Dress for the weather: This way we won't be in pain when we are outside which means we will be able to maintain an open and expansive posture which will reduce tension in the shoulders, neck, back and hips while ensuring we can breathe properly thus bringing our shine ON;

2. Get fresh air: We live in a cold climate - let's get out there and soak in the vitality;

3. Practice yoga: Yoga is just one of those things that enhances our overall energy. Finding a class we relate too will ensure we experience the magic of the practice and will enhance our overall shine;

4. Eat Food and Reduce Foodless Foods. Food is meant to be a source of nourishment and vitality. When we eat empty calorie foods it takes energy away from the body and mind and enhances the feeling of heaviness that keeps us wanting to sit and consume rather than move and share experiences. At my home we opt for 80\20, this way we remove the guilt feeling when we do choose foodless food;

5. Dance. There is something about dancing that simply works. I sing and dance on my trampoline and it brings lightness of being which I highly benefit from. And, yes I do mean dancing home alone in the middle of the day or in the morning or....just a few minutes here and there really brings something special;

6. Smile often... it's contagious; and

7. Create your own. We are unique...getting to know what makes us feel alive and breathing life into that, always helps keep our shine ON.

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