What shall I talk about today?

Nothing new - just another way of using a powerful self-help platitude to rescue the mind from itself! One of the things that has helped me on my journey and that continues to provide guidance is asking myself the question “What shall I talk about today- where shall my precious attention be directed? And since the chatter in our mind is the longest conversation we will ever have I like to begin there and aspire to choose wisely rather than mechanically. After all that inward conversation fuels the outward communication, so asking what shall I talk about today becomes a valuable question capable of creating new patterns.

Shall I complain, gossip, criticize or shall I remain open to possibilities, attentive, exploring solutions - connected to the natural cycles of nature that include action, sustainment and decay?

We are told that we are creatures of habit - that we create our habits and that our habits then create us - so through the power of choice I ask myself : What shall I talk about today?

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