Do you know what you have faith in?

The essence of the word faith means looking at what we do on a daily basis as we naturally give attention to what we have faith in. This awareness is important as it reminds us that we can have faith in things that deplete and limit or we can have faith in possibilities and expansion - It's always a choice and I know from personal experience that we can change what we have faith in at any point - It just takes a little faith and a lot of determination. Some techniques to know what we have faith in include: -Listening to our thoughts (that inner dialogue is after all the longest conversation we will ever have:));

-Paying attention to what we choose to talk about and emphasize; and

- Noticing what we choose to notice.

This acknowledgment of faith is inspiring as it reminds us that we can let our inner habitual and mechanical human doing lead our day or we can connect with our life as a mindful human being and give our attention/faith to what we truly value.

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