Sun Salutations Benefits Through Symbolism

The Sun is on fire and the holistic/yoga symbolism of fire includes:

- Digestion as the process of digestion requires heat;

- Heat and digestion represent transformation;

- Transformation/digestion reminds us that we choose what we will consume through all of our senses and therefore, what we will eventually be consumed by.

The Sun is a source of light and the holistic/yoga symbolism of light includes:

- Removing the veil of ignorance that keeps us believing we need to believe everything we think;

The Sun is a source of stability as it's magnetic pull keeps the planets in its orbit and the holistic/yoga symbolism of this type of stability includes:

- The willingness to be anchored in our Truth. It is a representation of our potential to awaken our inner Guruness which in this case means heavy as grounded with who we are rather than being feathers who are blown around by hearsay.

Sun salutations strengthen and stretch our body. They remind us to take energy in, contain it and direct it towards what we value. And, when we honor the symbolism of saluting not only the external Sun but our internal Sun as our potential to face the heat of concentration and transformation and as our potential to be a source of grounded light for ourselves and for those we share our life with, we begin to experience a new depth of practice.

Make time in your day for 1 to 7 seven Sun Salutations and remind yourself of the beauty of the Sun- inside and out.

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