Recharging Our Batteries

Come and recharge your batteries: I want to ensure you know you are invited to my reiki courses. Reiki is the Japanese word for prana in India and Chi in China. We don’t really have an English word for it so we say energy. In short this energy is abundant and always available. Learning to bring it in, contain it and direct it towards what we value is part of the yoga and reiki process. With Reiki we use attunments (an opening) to enhance our ability to work with this energy. Anyone can practice reiki. It is simply a practical approach to working with what is abundant. Once you are attuned to reiki you are attuned for life. My daughter was attuned to level I and II before the age of five. Also, know that you don’t need to be attuned to reiki to receive a reiki treatment and I would be happy to work with you on that front as well. Benefits include: stress and tension relief, increased energy, improved ability to let go and enhances overall well-being. In short it will bring you what you need most to balance your energy.

I am offering Level I Sept 18th and October 16th (one day courses ) and Level II October 30th and November 20th (one day courses). You can message me privately or leave a comment. The courses are offered at Empower Yoga on Carling ave. It’s not up on their website yet but it will be soon. You can find out more by looking at my certification page.

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