Let go and simply glow

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the freshness in the air, the color transition of the trees, the glow of the sun and I also appreciate Fall fashion. To me the magnificent way a tree prepares to let go of its leaves is nature’s way of whispering: “let go and simply glow”.

I think that for many of us there is something inspiring about the concept of letting go and about the potential to glow but the questions and limitations we encounter include: What should we let go of? How do we let go and what if our world falls apart if we let go?

To start off we need to acknowledge that letting go does not mean not caring. You may be thinking: “Yes, I know that” but I can tell you for a fact that in the depth of our mind it easily gets confused. I have had the conversation many times with people who felt they knew the difference only to realize within about ten minutes of conversation that they actually confused the two. It also doesn’t mean letting go of a movement towards greater education, work, health, relationships or…And, It doesn’t mean letting go of hope.

So what can we let go of? Well we can start off by letting go of the minds habit to try and please the small ego which is attached to the senses which are continuously in search of stimulation and which can never be fully satisfied. To do this we pay attention to the minds addiction to judgement and worry and start to replace it with curiosity and gratitude.

Here are two examples:

  1. You look in the mirror and see dark bags under your eyes and feel instant judgement towards your looks and you may even start to worry about the aging process, leaving you feeling unattractive and tired. Or you look in the mirror and see the dark bags under your eyes and become curious about your current dietary habits, sleeping patterns and demands and recognize that you may be currently over-worked, over-caffeinated or dehydrated and with a sense of gratitude towards the body you make a commitment to nurture healthier habits.

  2. You make plans with a friend who cancels at the last minute and your instant disappointment fuels your judgement of her, leading to resentment and possibly gossip about her to another friend. Or, instead of allowing your disappointment to fuel gossip you become curious about the experience of disappointment and how it manifests in your body and mind and you allow yourself to observe its feelings and the thoughts that arise out of its feelings. Instead or recoiling and or lashing out you feel what you feel without judgement or expectation of what you should or could be feeling.

These are simple examples but the more we allow ourselves to be receptive to our experiences rather than attached to illusory ideals, the more we move to an approach to life that allows for possibilities. It’s the realization that one of our most potent super powers is our attention and that at any given moment we are choosing what we are giving our attention too as well as the recognition that we have the potential to use our senses in our favor; we do not have to be slaves to them.

Sunday September 25th I am teaching a mini yoga retreat in Wakefield Quebec where the focus in on letting go. We will practice a gentle flow of asanas, meditate, breathe, relax and open up to the natural cycles of nature by welcoming Fall and our innate ability to let go and simply glow.

P.S. I know it's still summer for quite some time :))) I am just saying!

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